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Color:  Pink
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Meet our Wireless Hair Straightener Comb – your new BFF for easy and stylish hair anytime, anywhere!

Tiny and Travel-Friendly: This cute hair tool is small and light, so it easily fits in your bag. Wherever you go, your hair can look awesome on the fly!

Super Gentle Hair Care: Our magic comb takes care of your hair with special teeth that treat every strand nicely. No pulling or tugging – just smooth, styled hair!

No More Charging Stress: Forget about running out of battery! Our USB rechargeable brush has a big battery. It can do 5-6 styling sessions, each lasting up to 70 minutes. Perfect for everyday styling.

Ceramic Love for Your Hair: The comb has a ceramic coating, so it treats your hair like a VIP. It keeps your hair shiny and protected while you style.

Smart Heat Control: Your hair, your rules! Our heat brush has different temperature settings for all hair types. It makes your hair look amazing and you can use it for straightening or curling – your choice!

Quick Facts:

  • Power: Small and mighty (available in purple, green, and pink)
  • Color: Pick your fave – Purple, Green, or Pink
  • Power Level: 3.7W

What’s Inside:

  • Your awesome Straightener * 1