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Color:  White
Size:  M
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✅Stops underarm sweat stains and odor
✅Stretchy and comfortable fit for all day wear
✅Professional look for the workplace
✅Soft and flexible fabric, move with ease and comfort
✅Keeps you feeling fresh and confident


“I have been wearing this shirt for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed with how comfortable it is. The stretchable fabric allows me to move around easily without feeling restricted.”

Michael Johnson - Montreal, QC

“I recently purchased this shirt for a business trip and it exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did it look great and fit perfectly, but it also held up extremely well throughout the day.”

Bill Smith - Toronto, ON

"As a waiter in a busy restaurant, I was looking for a shirt that would keep me looking and feeling fresh throughout long shifts. This shirt has been a game-changer. I will definitely be purchasing more of these shirts in the future!!"

Athony Westbrook-Attawapiskat, ON