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Size:  S-140*35cm(55.1*13.8in)Suitable for children
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Product description

Sleep Pod's original cocoon-like shape covers your entire body, applying a gentle, calming pressure, just like a hug. This helps to reduce anxiety and gets you ready for sleep. Sleep Pod is made from a specialized 4-way stretch polyspan material that provides a gentle, calming pressure that simulates the feeling of being hugged or swaddled. Sleep Pod is breathable and does not trap heat, light-weight, and machine washable.

The Science Behind Deep Touch Therapy

  • Full 360° Compression Therapy

    The Sleep Pod is the only product designed to wrap your entire body in a gentle compression from every angle.*

  • This sends relaxation signals to your brain

    This full-body gentle compression mimics the feeling of being hugged, stimulating serotonin receptors in your brain.*

  • A sense of calm washes over you

    The therapeutic touch can eases the body's muscles, which naturally soothes the anxious mind as well.*

  • Promotes a restful and rejuvenating sleep

    Once in this state, feelings of anxiety and stress take a backseat to tiredness, and you can fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.*

Sleep Pod vs. Weighted Blanket

Product dimensions:

XL: 185*50cm (72.8*19.7in)

L: 170*40cm (66.9*15.7in)

M: 150*50cm (59.1*19.7in)Suitable for children 

S: 140*35cm (55.1*13.8in)Suitable for children