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🌼 Discover the delightful Ping Pong Chrysanthemum! Named for its resemblance to the beloved table tennis ball, this charming flower exudes a refreshing and lively aura, reminiscent of childhood vigor and vitality.

🌸 Flower Language: Symbolizing happiness and vitality, it brings a sense of joy and abundance to any space.

🎨 With its unique and endearing appearance, Ping Pong Chrysanthemums inspire creativity and imagination. From adorable animal figures to beloved cartoon characters like the cherished panda, Disney icons, and Shaun the Sheep, the possibilities for DIY creations are endless.

🏵️About Ping Pong Chrysanthemum:

1. Planting season: spring and early summer.
2. Growth cycle: It takes about 7 days to germinate and 45 days to bloom. Perennial plants.
3. Flowering period: about 150 days, from summer to late autumn.

🏵️Planting method:

1. Sowing: Choose a flowerpot with good drainage, put the soil into the container and sprinkle the seeds 1-2 inches apart.

2. Watering: Cover the invisible seeds with a thin layer of soil. Moisten the soil after covering so that the seeds are in full contact with the soil.

3. Ventilation and lighting: Place in a bright and ventilated place. The soil needs to be moistened every night before the seeds germinate. Humidity is also very important for seed germination.

🏵️Maintenance points:

1. Light: Sufficient sunlight promotes plant growth.

2. Watering: Water about 4 days in spring and autumn, about 3 days in summer, and about 5 days in winter. Depending on the degree of soil drought, water  when the soil is dry.

3. Temperature: The optimum temperature range for plant growth is 20-100°F.

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