Organic Lettuce Seeds

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Seeds:  Purple Leaf Lettuce
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Organic Lettuce is a fast-growing, nutritious green that is almost easier to grow in your garden than to buy from a supermarket! This beautiful leaf vegeatble may be the most versatile plant in your garden. Organic lettuce thrives in the field, raised bed, or container. Enjoy tender baby leaves in a salad mix, or use a crisp head lettuce for wraps and sandwiches. Organic lettuce prefers cool, wet conditions and is best grown as an annual in all hardiness zones.

Why organic lettuce deserves a seat at the table

  • Easy to grow cool-season annual
  • Cut-and-come-again harvests
  • Colorful and flavorful leaf vegetable with a nutritional punch

There’s nothing more satisfying than a salad on a warm spring day. But supermarket salads always seem to wilt and go slimy in the first few days after bringing them home. And you can take your pick between romaine or iceberg—how exciting.

You'd be surprised at how easy organic lettuce is to grow. It’s a prolific vegetable that will regrow time and time again after you cut it. Homegrown lettuce is a delicious superfood, high in Vitamin A—essential for healthy skin, eyes, and strong bones. If nothing else, you should grow organic lettuce simply because it is a gorgeous vegetable. Varieties can be any shade of green or a rich purple. Some organic strains are an ombre of both colors. Organic lettuce is as abundant in flavor as it is in color. Taste profiles range from buttery to nutty, so there is a variety for even the pickiest of palettes!

Organic lettuce is a versatile leafy vegetable and it can be grown in a multitude of ways. In a temperate climate, lettuce does well outside in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. Organic lettuce will bolt and turn bitter during the hottest days of summer—this leafy vegetable is better suited as a cool-weather crop. For head lettuce, space transplants at least eight inches apart for loose-head varieties or 16 inches apart for firm-head varieties. For leaf lettuce, space transplants four inches apart. Leaf lettuces can be harvested a month from sowing, and head lettuces require a couple of weeks more. Either way, be sure to order extra organic lettuce seeds and plant successions every seven to 10 days.