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🐶🎁Wonderful gift for pet owners!

Customer Review


"The way the tool is designed has the fabric oriented in two directions so it will work for both pushing and pulling so you can do twice the work with this. Basically run it back and forth along furniture and carpet and be amazed at what you pick up. This can be faster than using the vacuum cleaner for quick cleanups if you have pets that do a lot of shedding. I just noticed that there is a cleaning tool built in that helps remove the fur from the tool. A nice addition. It's hiding on the back side of the brush and comes in handy now that I know it's there!"--P. Merry

The Multifunctional Pet Hair Remover is a game-changer for pet owners!

🐶Your Ultimate Pet Hair Remover Tool😽

It's amazing! Just push and pull the Pet Hair Remover on your carpet a few times, all the hair will be collected on the brush head in just seconds. Every customer who tries it for the first time will be like, "Wow!"

🐶Upgraded Dog Hair Remover😽

Forget those old-school brushes that barely get the job done. Our dog hair remover has an extended handle and a bigger brush head, so you can clean large areas of carpets and couches with ease. And don't worry about it breaking, even if you're a hulk!

🐶Suitable For Multiple Scenarios😽

Whether you've got a carpet, couch, pet tower, kennel, carpet stairs, pet bed or car mat, our dog hair remover has got you covered.

🐶3 IN 1 Pet Hair Remover😽

There are also two hidden small brushes on the brush, which can remove pet hair in the corners, BUY 1 GET 3 brush, super cost-effective!

🐶Convenient and Easy to Use😽

No need to manually pick out the fuzzy debris and hair from this lint and pet fur remover. 

🐶Perfect Gift For Pet Lovers😽

If you know someone who's crazy about their furry friends, especially dogs, cats, or any other long-haired critters, get them this pet hair remover for their carpet. It's so convenient and easy to use, they'll thank you forever!


  • Material: PP & Flannel
  • Product Size: 17.7 * 7 * 2.5inch


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