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This makeup brush cleaning case will bring a whole new experience to your makeup brush cleaning. Its versatility, large capacity design, simple operation, safe material and wide applicability will make your beauty work more convenient and efficient. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or an enthusiast, it is an indispensable tool. Take the chance now to keep your makeup brushes clean and perfect!

Main Features

CLEANING, STORAGE AND DRYING IN ONE: This makeup brush cleaning case not only cleans your brushes thoroughly, but also serves as a storage box and drying rack. It combines multiple functions in one to make organizing your makeup brushes easier.

LARGE CAPACITY FOR ALL TYPES OF MAKEUP BRUSHES: Whether you have a large number of brushes or a few select ones, this cleaning case will meet your needs. Its spacious design accommodates all kinds of makeup brushes and makeup eggs, making your organization more efficient.

EASY AND EFFORTLESS TO USE: No more struggling to wash your makeup brushes by hand! Simply pour some cleaning solution and water on the cleaning case, gently move the brushes over the cleaning bowl, then rinse the makeup brushes, makeup sponges, and puffs, and you'll end up with a brand new set of makeup tools.

MADE OF NON-TOXIC AND ODORLESS SOFT RUBBER: We care about your health and comfortable feeling. This cleaning case is made of high quality soft rubber material, non-toxic and odorless, to ensure that your makeup brushes are treated gently during the cleaning process.

MULTIPLE TEXTURED BRUSH HEADS FOR MULTIPLE MAKEUP TOOL CLEANING: different makeup tools have different cleaning needs and this case takes that into account. It comes with a variety of textured brush heads for cleaning all types of makeup tools, from delicate bristles to dense bristles.

Product Specification

Weight: 260g

Size‏: ‎10 x 8x 13cm

Material: TPR+PP

Package Include

1 x Makeup Brush Cleaning Case