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Easy Application

The GreenRevive HydroSeeding Lawn Solution attaches to any garden hose, making it simple to apply the hydroseeding mixture evenly across your lawn. This user-friendly design ensures that anyone can use the product to achieve professional-looking results.

Versatile and Effective for Various Lawn Issues

The GreenRevive HydroSeeding Lawn Solution is suitable for addressing a range of lawn problems, including dry spots, dog spots, high traffic areas, and shade. This versatile solution allows you to target specific problem areas and restore your lawn to its full potential.


✅ Fast and Effective Results: With the hydroseeding technology, seeds germinate within 4-7 days and provide complete coverage in just 17 days. This rapid growth ensures that you can quickly transform patchy, barren areas into a lush, green lawn.

✅ Safe for Pets and Children: Made from 100% safe, all-natural ingredients, the product poses no risk to pets and children. One week after the grass is completely covered, your lawn will be ready for your family and pets to enjoy without any concerns about harmful chemicals.

✅ Insect Control: The upgraded formula not only promotes healthy grass growth but also helps to eliminate common lawn pests such as crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, ladybugs, and ear borers. This provides up to 12 weeks of insect control, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable outdoor space.


Material: PE

Size: 6.69 x 11.81 in


1、Will rain wash spray-on grass seeds away?

No, a typical rain storm my wash away some of the green coloring that comes with your hydroseed but it shouldn't displace the grass seeds. If you get an exceptionally heavy storm right after hydroseeding and you have an erosion-prone lawn there may be some issues, but this is typically not a concern.

2、Do birds eat spray-on grass seed?

While it's always difficult to keep birds away from seeds, generally birds will keep away from hydroseed because the mulch component of the spray-on seed is not something they want to eat. Hydroseed, especially when professionally applied, is driven into the soil as opposed to sitting on top of it, which also discourages birds.

3、Can you use spray-on grass seed on a hill?

Spray-on grass seed will work on a hill but you should avoid putting it on extremely steep slopes as it can cause run-off and clumping of your seeds lower down the hill than you'd like.

PLANTING TIME: Pour the entire bag of grass seed and liquid into the canister.

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