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As you’ll discover when you plant Habenaria radiata (syn. Pecteilis radiata) also known as the Egret orchid, orchids don’t have to be difficult to grow. This orchid species from the Far East is easily grown from tubers, and rewards you with blooms shaped like white birds with wings spread in flight. There’s no need to baby this orchid despite its delicate looks. It’s perfectly happy 


Height:30-40 cm / 12-16"
Planting season:Spring
Flowering time:Summer
Botanical name:Pecteilis radiata (syn. Habenaria radiata)
Light requirements:Partial shade / full sun
Soil moisture:Average


  • Plant your habenaria tubers in spring and grow on in warm, frost-free conditions to plant out after risk of frost has passed
  • Grow in borders or containers in full sun
  • Plant the tubers (large seed size) 1-2cm deep in orchid compost
  • Space the tubers about 10-15cm apart
  • Plant with the shoots facing upwards
  • Water-in after planting and keep hydrated while in growth