Gyroscope Balance Metal Anti-Gravity Top for Educational, Training Toy

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It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity, to spark kid’s interest in physics and science. Alleviating hyperactivity in children, development of intelligence and coordination of fingers.

[UNIQUE STYLING] The rotor of the gyroscope has good hollowing mode, laser cutting, no flash burr, smooth plane, and a balance of rotation .you can put it on your finger or base, you could even place it on a string, but if not, a normal table would still do.

[HOW TO PLAY] One end of the drawstring goes through the small hole of the middle shaft, and then the rotating shaft is made to uniformly rotate the shaft. A little force is used to pull the rope to drive the gyro flywheel.

[KILL TIME] When you get bored and feel there is too much pressure, you can put it on your desktop, start it, quietly watching its fascinating whirl, it will be fascinating to you. It can kill time and help you relieve stre.


Material: alloy

Age Range:> 6 years old

Color: as shown

Diameter: 73mm/2.87 inch

Height: 122mm/4.80 inch

Weight: 87g