CatView Hammock - Elevated Bliss

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Color:  Beige
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Elevate Your Cat's World

Introducing the CatView Hammock: Elevated Bliss, the perfect blend of comfort and elevated exploration for your feline friend. Designed with both pet and pet parent in mind, this hammock offers a secure, cozy spot for your cat to nap, watch the world, or simply enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Catify Your Home &Save Space

Take advantage of your unused window space and createa feline paradise where your cat can hunt, climb, and explore - without the bulk or clutter!

Create The Ultimate Playground

Experience the benefits of a cat tree combined with theelegance of a cat shelf by stacking multiple hammocksto create your own feline playground!

Beat The Indoor Blues

Research shows that a majority of indoor cats are often under stimulated.
Enhance your cat's mental and physical well-being bygiving them a source of entertainment that never ends!

Folds For Curtains Or Blinds

Whether you're looking for extra space or require someprivacy at night, the CatView easily folds in seconds -thanks to our new and improved foldable design!

Seamless Integration lnto Your Home:

The CatView Hammock is more than just a bed; it's a window to endless entertainment and relaxation for your cat, By blending seamlessly with any interior design, it doesn't just save space; it enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Holds Up To 40 Pounds Or Your Money Back

Our hammocks are guaranteed to support up to 40lbs or20kg (or the weight of two really fat cats!
Don't believe us? Try us out for 30-days and if it doesn't hold, we'll refund your money back!!

Product Specifications:

Material: Breathable Mesh, Stainless Steel Dimensions: 45x30 cm(approx: 17.7x11.8 inches)
Includes:1 Pet Hammock
Colors Available: Beige, Gray