Apple Bitter Melon—Have You Tried It?

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✨Apple bitter melon is a latest hybrid variety that is expensive in the market, has a crisp and sweet taste, and has high nutritional value. The fruit surface has dense and bright white pearls. The fruit is plump and beautiful in shape. It is both a vegetable and a fruit, and has a high yield.

How to grow apple bitter melon:

Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours before planting ➡️ Sow the seeds about 1/2 inch deep ➡️ Cover with a thin layer of floating soil ➡️ Water to moisten the soil and germinate after 4 days. (Can be planted on balconies, backyards, gardens, orchards)

Planting Time: Spring
Light: Apple bitter melon likes light and should be planted in a sunny and ventilated place.
Watering: Water every time the soil is dry.
Soil: Fertile and loose soil is sufficient.
Scaffolding: Apple bitter melon needs to be supported with a scaffolding after 20 days of germination to guide its growth and increase yield.

🌈Apple bitter melon is one of the easier vegetables and fruits to grow because of its fast growth rate, strong vitality, and extremely high yield.

🌈Growing period: It can be picked 50 days after germination, and the picking period is as long as 200 days.

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