360 Degree Rotate Automatic Hair Braider

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Power Supply Mode:  Battery (not included)
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✔️✔️Unleash Your Creativity: DIY Endless Hairstyles with 360-Degree Hair Braider!


Tired of having to book weeks in advance, just to sit in a chair for hours and fork over $100+? For $27.95, get access to a lifetime of free fresh twists in less than 25 minutes.

How to use

Step 1: Pick two buns of hair with tail comb.

Step 2: Press the bottom left button with insertinn hair Press the button on the bottom right to insert another buns of hair.

Step 3: Press the red button to"I"side,and the hair will be twisted clockwise. stop until it reaches the root of the hair.

Step 4: Press the red button to the"ll"side, the hair will twist counterclockwise, stop until it reaches the root of the hair.

Step 5: Take out the braid and tie the hair with a hair loop.


Does not hurt hair, does not card, built-in sensitive detection device to prevent hair jam.

The clip head rotates 360°, the button control is convenient, and the charm is braided.

User-friendly design, one-button control, comfortable touch, and contour design of the hand, make you beautiful every day. Fun and fashion for all ages, spinning can help create beautiful hairstyles.


Type: Smart Electric Hair Braider
Color: Black and Red
Material: ABS + PC
Size: 21.5×3×7.5cm
Buttons: power button, clockwise twist button, counter-clockwisetwist button
Power: 2 X AA Battery (not included) or USB plug-in model